The Seattle Trivia Tour - What kind of Seattleite are you?

Pioneer square building - title

One of my dear friends and coworkers left Seattle to travel around the world for 9 months (sound familiar? ;) ) so some of us got together for a“You’re going to miss Seattle” tour. Since gamification is all the rage these days, I found some obscure facts about various landmarks in the Pike Place Market/Pioneer Square area and the group had to correctly identify each location. Find out how you’d do (and what kind of Seattleite you are)! Continue reading

2014 in Review

2014 brought another rollercoaster of a year for this Kizzle.

2014 in review

The Good

A suggestion turned into an information interview, which turned into an internship that ultimately led to a job that keeps me engaged and excited about every day. This is no easy feat after working in broadcasting, which is like stimuli overload almost every day. Continue reading

Taking the time to be happy

Taking time to be happy - title
Before I knew it, I found myself caught in a common trap. I was obsessed with being busy and productive, followed by moments of extreme lethargy, staring at youtube videos like a zombie for hours. I would, of course, binge on these, causing me to lose sleep, thus hindering my ability to be productive. I started to stay at work later, stare at a blank blog post longer, all to feel more productive when really, I might as well just get some rest. This lead to a lot of frustration, which lead to more escapism in a screen and more lethargy but most of all, unhappiness.

I had my moments while traveling, but it was different. I didn’t feel so… trapped. Continue reading

That time I tried online dating

online dating - title

Taking one of the possibly most misguided pieces of advice from my 27 years of existence, I created an online dating profile. This was spurred in part because everyone seems to be doing it (I love a good bandwagon hopping) and partly because my roommate is convincing.

Here’s my rundown:
Sites joined: OKCupid & Tinder
Duration of experiment: 3 months

When making this decision, I grossly overlooked one very important factor - my horrid personality and my tendency to make things public. Without further ado, I give you a list of the strangest messages I’ve received / exchanges that I’ve had. Continue reading

How to peel ginger and other wisdom from Japanese TV shows

ginger tea - small
Being sick when you live alone sucks. In fact, it’s on my list of things to know before you move abroad. I blame 3 years of going through a week-long cold on my own that I turn into a huge baby when I get sick. Living in Japan taught me to make ginger + lemon + honey tea as soon as I felt the least bit ill. Even more, I learned the proper way to peel ginger from watching the infamous Japanese variety shows - with a spoon! Even more, I learned the coolest trick using those ginger peels. Below is a list of 3 ways to use common leftovers… Continue reading