2013 In Review

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2013 was a tough year for me, as you can see by the complete lack of posts and the fact that I picked up guitar from becoming so reclusive. In fact, I’m a bit surprised that my stats are showing that people are still reading this- or maybe it’s just a small army of spam bots.

The Good

I had a lot of great times, from two amazing jobs in New York, to two destination bachelorette parties and lunching with the energetic and lovely Miss Hilary of theNomadGrad, to discovering New York City. One great thing about life in NYC was that even if I wasn’t able to travel, I had a constant stream of visitors, including friends from back home, friends from my cruise around the world, friends I met while living in Japan, and a friend I met online- the very fabulous Waegook Tom!

Then there was moving back to Seattle and attending weddings (and being the maid of honor for the couple I third-wheeled an entire trip). Two days after the second wedding, I was on a plane to Europe for a month for my birthday. Soon, I found myself wandering around markets and taking London walking tours while drinking as much tea as humanly possible in England, wandering around even more markets and eating as many sardines as humanly possible in Portugal, and then it was off to Milan for lots of shopping and carbo-loading with my fellow foodie, Expat Edna. Then of course there was planning my next trip to Europe while at the airport waiting to board to go home.

The Bad

Then there were the breakups. The first was with New York City. I loved my job and certain aspects of my life there, but it was just time to face the music. We were not meant to be. December brought my second break-up this year, but this time with my boyfriend– the one I moved out to Seattle for. It was quite the adventure, though now that that’s over, I think I’m better equip for an adventure that starts with a plane ride. The rest of December was a blur between working 7 days a week in retail and spending as much time as possible with family and friends.

Gasworks Houseboats

The Learned:

Greatest Lesson of the year:
This year, I had the opportunity to work at the New York bureau of a Japanese television network and as an editorial intern for the Culture-ist. Though I learned a lot from both positions, my greatest lesson was in obtaining them- If you dare to ask, you just might get what you asked for. I felt severely under-qualified for both positions since I had formal training in neither field, but I was somehow able to find 2 organizations who were willing to take a chance on me, and I’ve never felt so awesome at work. A look forward to Mondays kind of awesome.

Best piece of advice received:
“Ultimately, closure looks a lot like forgiveness. Forgiving the other party (because you can’t control other people’s behaviour) – and forgiving yourself for spending and investing your time with said person. You investing your time and energy in another human who you realized over time was not such a great person does not reflect your character in a bad way.” Obviously this is geared toward break ups, but I think that it’s relevant in other situations where you naturally seek closure or resolve with another party.

In Summary:

I’ve changed. It’s something that you notice as you travel, but it’s even more noticeable when you place yourself back in your original environment. Though I call myself a Seattleite in all of my about mes, I’ve come to realize that this is only partly true. I still enjoy being surrounded by water and mountains, a good brew of both coffee and beer and wearing workout/outdoor gear for everything short of work, but there’s nothing that drives me crazier than the Seattle NO. Say what you mean, DAMNIT. Sorry, got a little carried away. See what I mean?

This quote by Robert James Waller best sums up my 2013:

“The old dreams were good dreams; they didn’t work out, but I’m glad I had them.”

New Dreams. New Year. New You.

Even if things don’t go quite as planned, there’s something in continuing to learn about yourself, and finding that you’re stronger than you thought you were.

Central Park Reservoir

Maybe in 2014 I will finally make a decision about my life path.

Probably not. There’s nothing more exciting/annoying than an open-ended book.

// How was your 2013? Tell me your Good/Bad/Learned!
// Did you write a 2013 summary? Leave me a link below!

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4 thoughts on “2013 In Review

  1. Lady–you are such an inspiration. Everything you have done over the past year is incredible. Your life is such a wild and beautiful adventure. I am so proud of you for making some really hard and big decisions in your life. I am also honored to call you a sister and friend. Some of my favorite memories from this past year have been with you! <3 Love you!

    1. Thanks for the oh so sweet comment, love! And thank you for all the times that you were there for me, especially this past year. I don’t know how I would have survived without you! I am so thankful that you’re in my life and always cherish the moments that we get to spend together. Even when that means that we’re trying to plan a party thousands of miles away over the phone while accidentally inhaling glitter 😉

  2. Crying. This is just what I needed to read right now, especially “The old dreams were good dreams; they didn’t work out, but I’m glad I had them.” and “Even if things don’t go quite as planned, there’s something in continuing to learn about yourself, and finding that you’re stronger than you thought you were.” I don’t feel very strong right now, but I’m hoping I can get through this and feel stronger in the end. It was so good to see you in Milan, thanks so much for coming out and seeing me, it really helped me through another tough time…

    1. Things will work out in the end. Sometimes we just have to experience something to learn 🙂 Thanks for having me! I had a great time hanging out! Hopefully we can go out for drinks and long chats again soon! x

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