Answering some questions I've been asked here, since a 2-page long "about me" seemed excessive.

So what happened to your travel blog?

I deleted it.

Where are you based now?

The beautiful Pacific Northwest. Seattle, to be exact.

Why blog?

I believe that we are our stories. While many people see blogging as a linear thing, where the blogger communicates to their readers, I found through my past experience, that it could be used as an invitation for dialogue.

If you think about starting a conversation with someone, isn't it easier when you know something about the other person? Some common interests, even if your beliefs don't completely align?

The friends that I made while travel blogging understand that part of my life more than most people, and it feels amazing to be connected to that community. I'm hoping to start a new one now - one that is more reflective of my current lifestyle.

Why are you so slow at posting?

There was a time when I tried to stick to a strict cadence of posts. Now, I want to focus more on quality and less on quantity or schedule.

Where else can I find you?

I'm most active on Instagram. You can also find me on Pinterest and Twitter.