The WORST food I’ve ever had!

You probably know that I’m a bit of a foodie. In fact, many people ask about my food blog, not my travel blog, and I can’t blame them. I will tell a little white lie to get the best Okinawan ramen, try tomato flavored chocolate and even somehow acquired a taste for shirako. However, there are some foods that are borderline offensive to my taste buds. The first, is papaya. Yes, the fruit. I like it mixed in with things, and as a juice, but when I bit into the flesh of a papaya fruit in Nicaragua back in 2009, there just wasn’t enough flavor per density and… well, I just had an involuntary shiver go up my spine.

jamaican flag
Ah Jamaica. How I was excited to dock there. Jerk chicken heaven! AND I was on a tour that was going to talk about marine conservation in Jamaica (I’m a marine bio nerd).

After discussing the conservation areas and on our way to snorkeling to see one of the conservation areas for ourselves, we headed to lunch on a pier. Look at that plate. Just look at the food on that plate.
Jamaican Food
Jerk chicken, dumplings, ackee & saltfish, escovitch fish fillet, yam, sweet potato pudding and then… boiled green bananas. Like papayas, the flavor per density (or the lack thereof) was simply dreadful. Coupled with the texture of soggy yet dry potatoes, I could not get myself to finish it. Even I have to draw the line somewhere.

When I was last in Paris, one of my friend’s friends played a joke on me, the American girl, and asked me to try a very pungent cheese- the kind that smells like raw garbage and makes you fairly certain that it’s still continuing to decay. As much as I don’t seek that particular cheese out, I could still understand how someone might find that delicious, and even delightful and given the chance, would try it again. Boiled green bananas, though, once was definitely enough.

As if to offset the horridness of the boiled green bananas, I also made an amazing discovery – run cream. The opaque and tanish color of the beverage isn’t quite visually appealing, but it tastes so good. It’s kind of like Kahlua, but with rum, and a higher ABV.

// Have you found any foods on your travel that were surprisingly repulsive? What about foods that you had to force yourself to eat, that surprised you so much that you’d travel back to that place to eat it again? Share your experiences below!

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4 thoughts on “The WORST food I’ve ever had!

  1. Boiled plantains? Seriously?!! I’ve never heard of that before. And I think I’d be about as excited as you were to try it…

    Gross food story: once, I was out with a coworker and we decided to grab a bite to eat. She is the only Spaniard I have ever met who doesn’t like garlic, and the place we stopped only offered one dish without this ingredient. It was callos–TRIPE! I gave it a fair go, but the spongy texture was just too much for me.

    1. I actually think that I might’ve been able to be at least a little bit on board if they were plantains- green bananas. eeeeew

      haha! That would be quite the adventure, especially since I’m guessing that there was a ton that you could’ve eaten on the menu. I am guilty of enjoying tripe, though I prefer it in hot pot or grilled… and with lots of garlic 😉

  2. When I was in Scotland a couple months ago, I tried haggis, and to my total surprise I really liked it (I know, I’m gross)! I also tried black pudding there though and could NOT get down with that. That stuff should not be a part of any meal ever, but especially not breakfast. 😉

    1. Oh I totally love innards so no judgement from me. I’ve never tried haggis, but it sounds good! I tried black pudding last time I was in London, but I think that it’s one of those things that I’ll have to build up to really enjoying. I did like to put a a little of it on my fork pile, but it still isn’t something that I can just stuff in my mouth as its own item. Haha yeah… breakfast is a little rough.

      How are you liking life in London??

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